Healthcare has gotten expensive and costs can be unpredictable!  Patients are never certain how much their care will cost and will oftentimes put off scheduling an appointment.  Many times, appointments are unavailable for a few weeks.  Even worse, the patient may try “waiting it out” and end up going to the emergency room!

With Sartell Family Medicine, one month of care for $80 (including unlimited appointments) costs less than one visit to an Urgent Care or ER!  When compared to other DPC-style practices in the St. Cloud area, our clinic offers many in-house laboratories, while carrying half the number of patients per provider and offering extended appointment visits.  We believe our costs are very competitive and offer great value to our patients.

We also offer a limited number of urgent care appointments for non-members at the rate of $150 for 30 minutes.

Cost Comparison (in USD)

FYI: An “urgency center” (not “urgent care”) will charge ER prices!

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State/Federal guidelines will not allow us to see patients who are receiving Medicare or Medicaid benefits.